A cruise to Turku Archipelago

UkkoPekka Steam ship

A cruise to Turku Archipelago with a traditional steamship S/S Ukko-Pekka on Tuesday, 6th of August!

We start the journey with busses from the paddock area at Raisio Race Track. The busses will take us to the river bank of Aura river in Turku, where the S/S Ukko-Pekka is waiting only for us. We leave at ~ 9 a.m. towards Turku. Check the timetable for the bus closer to the cruise.

Ukko-Pekka will take us to a small island called Loistokari, a typical specimen of rough archipelago rocky beaches. On the way you will see the shattered collection of bigger and smaller islands, that make the Turku archipelago so unique. You can only wonder how the big cruise ships can navigate through these waters on their way to Stockholm, Sweden. There are full restaurant services on the ship and the lunch is served at our destination on the idyllic Loistokari.

Cost and other details:

Cruise with lunch on Loistokari 100€
Cruise 65€

Timetable for the cruise:

10.00 Ukko-Pekka leaves from Turku
11.30-12.30 Lunch buffet on Loistokari
12.45 We leave towards Turku
13.45 We arrive to Turku and busses leave back to the race area

It is possible to stay in Turku after the cruise, but then it is necessary to get back to race area on your own means.

Reservations quickly, the ships capacity is limited by its size to approximately 150 persons and the reservation has to be made certain in a few days. Reservations: 2019@eurotrial.fi. Inform us of any special diets or allergies by reserving.

Be quick to reserve your cruise!